The Search For Alternitives!



In the middle of the worst drought we’ve had in a long time, Coastal Southern California is getting rain.   It’s spotty, but it’s rain, and when it comes down – it really comes down!

The question is,  when will it rain next, and how can we make this rain count?  Right now we’ve been on water restriction, with our lawns getting only three days of water a week.  Most of us, ourselves included have the kind of grass that needs watering every day.  So even cutting back to three days shows.

There are now rumors that we may have to let our lawns die, and not water them at all.  Our drought is that serious!  I’ve listened to all the experts, and indeed we have a serious shortage, yet some people aren’t listening.  They still water each day, and wash down their driveways.  I love the look of a clean home, but hate that they are wasting water like that.

Our house is dusty, leaves have fallen, it’s windy so sweeping them up doesn’t work well.  The only thing that really does the job is water, and we aren’t using water.  Our lawn in the back,  although may not look  too badly in the rain, is quickly giving up, and each time the dog goes out there, it looks a little worse.

Is there an answer to this?  Maybe taking out the lawn and replacing it with flagstone.  That works for me, as I  dislike having to spend so much time and money keeping the lawn looking alive, and thriving.

I have to admit,   I have given up on the lawn, and am searching for alternatives…..

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

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