Cards, Cards, and More Cards!



Did you ever start something, and couldn’t stop?
That’s what has happened to me. I started making my own greeting cards, and I can’t stop. When I start another creative project, I can work on it for a while, and then something calls me back to making cards.


These are just a few, but I can’t stop!


Saturday found me working on my cow, and another canvas I have had at least three paintings on it.  The cow is most definitely a work in progress, and as I glaze, I have to wait for it to dry.  While the cow was drying, I started looking at a canvas that has had at least three different paintings, and now it is covered in gesso, and will have another.  My intension is to abstract it, but at this point who knows?



In my studio I sit watching the canvas, and wondering what it will say when…..I start thinking about cards again.  This time I pulled out some cotton/silk paper with leaves in the paper, and suddenly I think…butterflies.   OMGosh I might need to be rescued, or even distracted by someone, because I’m thinking I’m out of control!


Do any of you like making cards?  I find it a really good way to get unblocked too.  Cards and painting rocks!

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