A Dreary Morning




Garden Cats – unfinished

While the  washing machine continues to spin a load of clothes, outside it’s dreary, and looks cold.


My vegetables are proudly growing while I sit patiently watching them.

All is quiet in our little piece of the world, except for the birds chirping in the trees out back.  I love listening to them as they work out all the details in their small lives.  I can’t tell if the chirping is just chatter in their everyday lives, or babies wanting to be fed, they are speaking an unknown language to me.


The yard is looking dry since we now have water restrictions due to our severe drought, and I think about how it’s such a waste of water  to try and keep a lawn alive.  We wonder what we can do to make our yard look better while we uncomfortably watch the grass die out.  Could we put flagstone all over the back?  Or, would rock be better.  I really don’t want rock in the back yard, since the front is already mostly rock. It looks so “Senior Citizen” to me!  But then, we are who we are…..

I’m left to do housework, i.e.:  laundry, floors, bathroom, kitchen, ect.  By the time all that is finished, I’ll be tired and won’t want to do much else.  The “else” are things like painting or creating!

I have Elvis on the stereo, but  I must be antsy because it isn’t doing it for me today.

This is my monday!  But I’m actually writing for tomorrow.  A day ahead…..what a loser!

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