Thursdays Time Out For Art



I love crows, and I’m always trying to incorporate crows into my art.  These two pieces are about 8″X8″, and are both experiments.  Using charcoal, pens, paint, sandpaper, and stencils, they were created for fun.  I have always loved the way they turned out, but never have done anything with them.


Much of my present day inspiration is in part due to Zebra Designs & Destinations.  Check them out, and see what’s going on in another part of the world.


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  1. Life sometimes gives us presents or puzzles or little connect-the-dots; yesterday I read a post about crows, and today you post a timeout featuring crows!

    i feel like a princess at the moment; after the childrens reception at the museum, the director invited me to spend the night in one of the museum’s suites…i love it here, especially knowing there are lots of ‘antiguas’ several floors below this area… the guards told me several years ago that they’d never want to sleep here – too many weird ghost stories!

    well time for slumber… thanks, amiga!



    • I’m so glad you appreciate my crows. The are special to me, & gather outside my studio window. Since folklore states that crows bring to us Magic, & Creativity, I believe they are here for that reason.

      I love that you have stayed in a suite at the Museum, and are enjoying yourself. I never pay attention to ghost stories, and if they chose to visit, I’d love it. It never frightenes me. My best to you, enjoy every moment!


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