Easter Projects



It seems to be my modus operandi to wait until the eleventh hour to start a project with a time frame. This one is no exception, when a friend of mine came up with a fabulous idea. Some of you may celebrate differently, but we celebrate Easter. To all of you I wish a beautiful day.
My friend came up with using origami papers to cover a plastic egg, top, and bottom. There are some beautiful origami papers out there, some reasonable, some expensive. Mostly I bought what I thought was expensive, but was probably somewhere in the middle price range.


Using matt medium, I covered the entire half of the egg, tore papers up, and used medium to hold  them to the egg itself.


Since the origami papers only had a couple of the same colors, I had to glaze over them with a lighter, transparent color.


To finish it off I used Iridescent medium.  The blue and green eggs are for the boys, Sage gets an entirely different more girly decorated egg.  Stuff it with grass, a few candies, and a little money!

I’m finished, That’s it!

The eggs went over as expected……what kid doesn’t like getting money?

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