Thursday Time Out For Art



When my first grandson was born, he came home to these fun Disney Characters painted on his bedroom walls.  I seem to have very little trouble painting walls, but much  more trouble painting smaller.


After my son-in-law painted the walls a soft yellow, I set about to liven the room up with Pinocchio, Mickey, and Gemini Cricket.  It seems to me Dumbo had a place, and maybe even Donald, but I guess I didn’t get pictures of them.

They stayed up there about seven or eight years.  Until Connor was getting just too old to have Disney characters on his walls.  He is almost eleven now, and his interests are more in line with electronics, and space


I was saddened when they had to go, but I knew it had to be.  It was so much fun painting the rooms of my grandchildren, and if I had more,  I’d still be painting walls.

Thursday Time out for Art is sponsored by

Zebra Design & Destinations.   I always find them interesting, and fun.  The website is much like mine in the sense that it has a little of everything.  Check them out when you get a chance.


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