Believe it or NOT!



I finally have the house back together after having to box everything up…..once again to have the wood floors replaced. I do not ever want to do that again. The emotional energy it takes to face all that is nasty, and if I have to face it again, I might just leave home!

Of course, the last to be organized was my studio, with everything landing right there on the way to the garage. It must seem like the right thing to do because it always seems to get the bits and pieces of everything. Some of it, I


can even use in my artwork!
Yesterday I actually worked on it all day long, and I’m happy to say that I only have my drawing pencils to organize and put away. It looks so clean and even inspiring to walk into such a cool, organized studio. There is now two tables instead of only one. One is for paint, the other is for my computer, and sketching. No paint! My easel sits in the corner, and I have even started another painting.


A Penny for Your Thoughts...

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