New Class/New Style

Abstract Universe

Abstract Universe

A few years ago I took a class with Mary Beth Shaw at Art Unraveled in Phoenix, Az.  This was the best class, with carving, stenciling, using molding paste, and collage all worked into one piece.  It was very inspiring, and gratifying to complete this piece.  And for a first time, I think it turned out pretty well.  The trick seems to be to go back home and do more of the same.

So back home I went…..

Music of the Universe

Music of the Universe

and,  created  Music of the Universe.  The process took me a little longer, but when I finished it was so gratifying to have created this on my own!

I started working on another piece, and another piece, and even another piece, but the inspiration has bypassed me.  Presently I’m waiting for my muse to show up, and kick me in the pants.  Oh I will do it, I think what seems to be missing is the right subject or abstract idea.  I’ve been spending time sketching, and meditating on my back patio, so I expect before long…..BAM…inspiration will hit, and off I go!

In the meantime, I’m getting out my molding paste, papers, some acrylic paint, and a hard board.   I’m going to start playing like I was three years old, and see what little Karen can come up with!

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  1. i really like what you’re doing.. and i like the variety – art should be like dining.. if you’re always stuck to the same recipe, the food or art gets boring! oh, that again…

    you definitely keep your subject matter interesting, and you use many different materials. whatever works!


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