The Demolition Begins….



Early Monday morning the team was at the front door ready to demo the living room. Wow I was in the middle of brushing my teeth, and hardly ready for workers. But they were here and we had waited a long time for our floors to be replaced, so the show must go on!

Favio, Daniel, and Javier all were so nice, they knew their business, moved large furniture through small spaces without any problems, and had the living room cleared out in a very short time.  No scratches, dings, or dents!!!   There is something to be said about hiring the right people for the right jobs.


Sadly, I have to say goodby to my beautiful Bamboo floors.  For us it was an environmental issue, and we wanted to have floors that were sustainable.  But, in looking for floors that were engineered bamboo, we just were not able to locate them.  So we had to choose engineered hardwood, and that has been difficult to digest.  But it is what it is, and I guess I’ll just have to get over myself!  This time.

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  1. at 1:30 this morning the usb modem came out of its coma and decided to talk with cyberspace for a while. yay, as it’s been playing possum since monday morning.

    it’s still slow and having trouble, but hopefullhy this will reach you.. i’d want to save the old bamboo pieces and do something with them… (and now, you’re not crazy to want to be on site when the crew is working…i would say that you’re being ultra responsible!)



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