Spirit Dolls

Spirit Doll - Bringing Magic & Creativity

Spirit Doll – Bringing Magic & Creativity

I’ve always had a love for “Spirit Dolls.”  For some reason they seem to hold mystery, and magic for me.  They are interesting, sometimes cute, sometimes not so cute.  They come in all shapes,  sizes, and colors.  I look at them and immediately they tell me a story!

A friend of mine whose niece visits her at Christmas, was again here this year, and since she is also an artist, I try to create a small piece of art for her to open.  This year I decided to make her a spirit doll.  So I gathered sticks, and pieces of cloth to put together, and was immediately intrigued  by the process.  Never having made one of these dolls before, it seemed interesting to me how they found their own way to the finish line.

Being an intuitive artist, this was a perfect project, and this is exactly the way this doll wanted to look!

How many of you have created spirit dolls?  What was your process, and did you like the end result?

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