The Zoo Continues To Grow!

Megan or "Meg" as she will be called

Megan or “Meg” as she will be called

The evening Sage brought her new pal home she Face Timed me to show me her gecko…….   I sat there stunned as she showed me this enormous terrarium that had been set up in her bedroom, along with not just “Crush, the gecko without a tail” but, a  friend of Crush’s.   Yep, you guessed it.  The man at the reptile store offered them a discount for buying two, so being the thrifty shopper that my daughter is (never resisting a deal), and the fabulous little researcher Sage is,  they bought two geckos. The poor little gecko without a tail needs a friend don’t you think?  That’s what Sage said!

Well,  I can tell you that Sage’s parents are pushovers!


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