Time Out for Art

Collage by Sage Emery

Collage by Sage Emery

Last year my granddaughter Sage, who was seven at the time, created this Halloween collage.  I love the way she tore papers, glued them onto a canvas, and stenciled over the papers.  All this time without even realizing it, she was checking for balance, and she put a great deal of thought into her design.   I think it turned out pretty good for a seven-year old.

Today,  I asked her what her plans were for a free day, and she replied since it was cold out, she thought she’d do some sketching!   That’s my girl!!!

My inspiration in part comes from Zebra Designs & Destinations, I’m going to show her this blog in hope she will find some kind of inspiration also, check them out, it’s a pretty interesting blog!

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