Starting Kindergarten

Starting kindergarden

Starting kindergarten

My daughter-in-law wrote this, and I thought it so sweet.   I wanted to share her thoughts with you……  Nolan is now five, and starting kindergarten…..

OBSERVATIONS OF KINDERGARTEN after 2 weeks: Ok so first let me say that teachers are WAY, WAY underpaid…let’s just get that out-of-the-way first. They are basically taking over our children for the whole day and they actually are expected to teach them something.

It’s weird but I already have this sense of pride and allegiance to my school. I feel really proud to say my son attends Capri. I love the location, love the whole school logo thingy (surfboard, plumeria, etc.) and just the overall vibe of it. I can already picture myself decked out head to toe in “Spirit Wear”. I am doing the hat, the undies..all of it. I am proud, what can I say.

I also feel secretly smug that Nolan’s kindergarten teacher is the cutest, most vivacious lady. Nolan and I are both slightly afraid of her..which is how it should be. Mrs. Calvo is out there leading the songs, bouncing around…I look around and let myself feel a little sorry for the other poor moms who don’t have her as a teacher. I know we all feel that way about our teacher…but mine is totally justified.

Pick up and drop off definitely shows new moms vs. veteran moms. I am starting to notice that the moms with 2 and 3 kids get there ridiculously earlier at pick up. They have the best parking spots and a really good book to read while they wait. I am still in panic mode when I drive up because of the absolute mayhem of the whole thing but I am catching on to the seasoned moms and I am starting to look like I’ve been there all along.
I admire the moms with a baby strapped to the front, the back, in the stroller..holy crap! They are also the ones who bring healthy snacks and water in a recycle bottle. I find myself hiding Nolan’s apple juice spiked water and pirate booty when I see a mom with mixed nuts (really??) and celery sticks. We will get there but for now we will just eat the cookies and booty before or after school.

Nolan is doing great. He comes home with so much information and excitement. When asked what he did at school his response is always, “I don’t know” but I notice at night it is like a confessional and he tells me all kind of interesting things about school.
I am hopeful and happy. Dennis and I are excited to be a part of this engine called Capri. Still trying to figure out our place but we are all getting into the swing of it.

I love this honesty, and I feel even closer to her because of it.  As any mother knows, it isn’t easy…none of it is easy.  Maybe it isn’t suppose to be, and for sure it can be at times a difficult journey.  I think it rewarding, many do not.  I don’t think that is right or wrong….it just is!

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