Dusty and Bubbles meet!

Dusty & Bubbles meet!

Dusty & Bubbles meet!

Last week I told you about Dusty, the great escape artist!  This week I have big news……

While Dusty remains behind bars for his great escape, Bubbles was allowed to hippity-hop around the entire yard.  She had been given the yard to roam in before, but never while Dusty has been out there.  Can you even imagine having the run of a yard large enough to be called a park?  I think if I were a bunny, and one called Bubbles, it would scare the bejebers out of me!

Not Bubbles, she is a girl bunny, and anyone who knows girls, knows we are fearless.  It really doesn’t matter if we are a bunny, a puppy, or a human…..we are all girls, and we are fearless!

I’m not sure if Dusty and Bubbles will ever “meet,” but at least they know they have a friend, and this I think will make them both happy bunnies.


Thanks for hopping by, see you next time……


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  1. yesterday after giving the art class at the nearby beach, i noted a cute rabbit in a cage.. it seems so strange to see a rabbit at the beach!

    it’s nice to be able to see posts and the images AND to be able to comment! i am in the city and there\s FAST internet… yay!



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