Dusty’s Little Adventure…

Dusty’s Little Adventure…
Dusty the Giant Flemish Rabbit

Dusty the Giant Flemish Rabbit

Yesterday while his peeps were away, Dusty decided to go exploring….
Apparently, when you leave a bunny alone without supervision, it’s important to close the gates to the back yard. After Dusty’s peeps had been gone for…well it seemed like days to Dusty, he decided to find out just what there was to offer in the big wide world.
Quickly Dusty hippity-hopped out the open gate, and one house at a time decided to trim the neighbors gardens.
It  hadn’t been  long before the family came home to discover Dusty missing,  but in the meantime he trimmed his way down the block only to discover he was getting mighty full.  So full that he hardly could move.

Dusty on his way to trimming yards!

Dusty on his way to trimming yards!

You can imagine the terror his family felt when they realized someone had left the gate open, and Dusty was missing.
Quickly they split up, and started searching the neighborhood in hopes of locating their giant rabbit.  Connor got on his bike, and started riding around in one direction, Dad looked in another direction.  Mom, and Sage took off in yet another direction.  It wasn’t long before Sage spotted Dusty resting in a neighbor’s front yard.

Before frightened Dusty even knew what was happening to him, Sage had pounced on him, pinning him securely to the ground.  Mom was terrified that Sage had knocked the air out of him or worse, but he was ok!

I think Dusty’s poor little eyes were spinning after that incident.  He was so frightened when he realized how far he had hopped, and how much plant life he had trimmed in the process.  But Dusty was really proud of himself for doing such a good job on all the neighbors yards.  He thought they would all come home and wonder who had trimmed their gardens,  they would never know!

All in all Dusty learned to be more cautious, his peeps learned the keep the gate closed and locked, and everyone was safe at home ready for another adventure.

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