Why Didn’t I Ever Hear This Before?


Long after our children are grown, little stories that would have made our toes curl, are told to us by our grown kids.  Every mother  hears these stories, and we all can’t believe we never heard them before.  This is one of those stories, and it was told to me one morning over a cup of coffee by my son Chris!

Many years ago Chris, and some of his friends were traveling up Highway 5 from San Diego, to Los Angeles. As he, and his friends were getting ready to go through the check point in San Onofre , they were flagged to pull over. Of course, they pulled  over to the right, and got out of their car. The Border Patrol Officers asked them to stand over to the side, and implied they could sit down. As the story goes, the others sat, but Chris had been sitting, and since it wasn’t a direct order, he remained standing.  This sounded a little defiant to me, but knowing that I would have done the same thing, I sat and continued listening.

As the drug sniffing dogs we brought out to go over the car, and check out the occupants of the car, one of the dogs walked up to Chris. He said the dog wasn’t aggressive, but as the dog looked at him, and he made eye contact, Chris without even realizing what he was doing gave the dog a command to sit….in German!
Go ahead and guess what happened next…
The dog sat on command! Now you may be wondering how Chris knew German commands, and I’m going to tell you.

My daughter Tracy had recently adopted a puppy, and that puppy was in response to the end of  a bad marriage, and a soon to be ex-husband that was well, lets’ just say not very nice. She really got her puppy for a companion for herself, and that little puppy filled her broken heart right from the beginning.  Now, not wanting to be like anyone else, my daughter trained her dog, and spent long hours perfecting every command!   The difference was that she trained her in German, and we were all learning the commands in German!

When Chris was confronted with a dog who didn’t seem to be ferocious in any way, his first thought was to give it a sitting command just as he would have done with his sisters dog.  This didn’t go over very well with the several Border Patrol Agents that were searching the car. They took a lot of flack for that one, and they politely asked Chris to sit while they were doing what they do.  Searching for a Big Drug Bust!

They soon found out what Chris, and his friends knew all along, and that was that there weren’t any drugs in the car, or  on any of them!    It wasn’t very long before they were sent on their way!

Of course when this story was told to me, I was stunned that I’d never heard of it before, a little upset that the Border Patrol would have thought the kids had drugs in the first place,  and happy my son, and his friends weren’t into anything illegal!

As a parent, I’ve always said that even though you think your kids wouldn’t do something, never say never.  It pleased me to realize that even though I didn’t think my children did drugs….they actually didn’t do drugs!

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

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