Who is Bubbles?


Turns out….Bubbles is a cuddle bug!

Bubbles being a cuddle bug!

Bubbles being a cuddle bug!

While Dusty’s  human family are all getting to know Bubbles, Dusty feels left out!  I guess I don’t need to tell you that the humans are hogging little, furry, soft Bubbles. Dusty hasn’t even been allowed to talk with her….. What’s that about?

Bubbles  the Flemish Giant

Bubbles the Flemish Giant

Dusty thinks that maybe his human family thinks he’s a bad influence, or too old to be hangin’ around with Bubbles. It won’t surprise you when I tell you that Dusty thinks they are just being over protective!

Bubbles getting use to her new home.

Bubbles getting use to her new home.

Bubbles needs to have time to learn how to act inside the house, just like Dusty did.  He was litter box trained, and after a few days was allowed to explore the house.  Dusty has never had an accident, and is a bunny of integrity!   Bubbles, so far seems to be just as conscientious with her personal habits, and everything she does.

While the family is getting to know, and spend time training Bubbles, Dusty continues to be on guard, watching Bubbles’ every move!

Dusty keeping guard!

Dusty keeping guard!

Dusty wants you to know, he’s going to stay on top of things!  He won’t take his eyes off his new friend…..not even for a minute!

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