These Are Tears of joy!


Several years ago my son Dennis graduated from The Music Institute in Los Angeles. His music education, along with the love for his guitar, & desire to make a career out of playing it, eventually brought him to writing music. He shared some of the things he was writing, but not all, & not often.

Finally I was able to listen!

Just before he flew to Austin, Texas to record his first CD, he played the music he created for me. Although it was all beautiful, there was one piece that touched my heart!

You see, Dennis is a trained Flamenco guitar player, & even though he plays many types of songs, his love is Flamenco!

After he returned from Austin with the final cut of his first CD, "Road to Conejo," we listened to it all the way home in the car. It was so beautiful!

To think my son, wrote this beautiful music from the heart blew me over, & we all sat in the car with tears in our eyes.

To this day, when he plays the song, " Road to Conejo," it brings tears to my eyes.

We are so blessed to be a musical family. Both my boys, & my husband are musicians, my grandson Nolan is well on his way to becoming a musical talent at four years old. My daughter-in-law, Shawna is a fabulous singer as well.

These tears are most definitely tears of joy!

If you feel like learning more about Dennis, or the CD, "Road to Conejo," is the name of it, & at one point it could be purchased from CD Baby, you can also check out Dennis' website at "," or just Google Dennis Bergstrom.

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