You must be kidding! Are you kidding me? I don’t believe it! Really?


Shut the front door!………….

Someone knocks at my front door, & the minute I open it I see this man in a business suit, nice shoes, clean cut – not doable, but nice looking! He starts by asking me if I'm Karen. I'm now on high alert!

What could he want, & how does he know my name? Oh that's right, public records, & the internet make it impossible to keep much of anything confidential…….

I'm cautious, & slightly curious all at the same time!

He continues with information about my family & myself, this makes me really uncomfortable. I can feel myself loosing interest in getting reeled in by a con artist, I tell him, "I'm busy now, & I'm not interested!" Can you believe the door shut all by itself?

Not too long afterwards I hear another knock at my front door. The dog is going off in an "Under no condition are you getting past me warning!" & I'm having trouble holding her back. Daisy wants whoever is at the door for lunch!!!

Finally, I get her to back off, & when I open the front door here is the same man, but now he's with a lady. She is dressed well, very business like, & this time she does all the speaking!

"Before you decide to shut the door again, please hear me out!" She introduces herself, & her companion. I'm thinking,The National Con Artist Headquarters are now teaming it! "We are here to inform you that your ticket has come up, & you have just won the $346,209,772.00 lottery!"

Now they have my undivided attention!

They show me all the documentation, & ask for nothing in return. Not my social security number, or a check to cover processing fees, nor my underwire size. That's good because I wouldn't want to give them my underwater size!

When they left, I was given a handful of documents to show my husband, & my attorney. I was to contact the lottery office the following week for the finalization of the papers, & photos of their newest winner.

Oh My Gosh, that would be me!

My head was reeling, I felt dizzy, & anxious all at the same time. I'm all alone, & I have to tell someone what just happened. Les is at a concert, I won't be able to talk to him for three more hours. I call my daughter, Tracy, she's at work, but I'm hopeful she'll pick up! Damn it's her voice mail. Ok my son Chris. He's not home either. One left, my son Dennis…..ringing, ringing…."Hi Mom, what's going on?"

" Dennis, I just won the lottery!" I'm half screaming because I know he's in the car, & on his way to work!

"Mom y….br…k….g up, I ….n't he.r a t…g ..ur saying."

"Cr…a..p! Dennis can you hear me now? Dennis, Dennis! Can you hear me?"

Just then line goes dead! I try calling him back without any luck. I'm now in a frenzy, a nervous reck, all the meditation in the world won't help me now!

About 45 minutes later my daughter returns my call, & we both scream, & yell.

"Mom, I can't believe it, what are you going to do with all that money?" I could hear her in the background yelling to my son-in-law, John. "Mom, do you think I could borrow some money?" I'm thinking, that didn't take long! I can hear her laughing on the other end of the phone.

"Let's all get together for dinner tonight," I say my, "treat!"

"Sounds good Mom, we'll come to your house! Where, & when did you buy your lottery ticket?"

"Well honey, that's the thing, I don't remember buying one!"

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