What would you give up?


How could I possibly choose?

If I couldn't see, I wouldn't be able to see my beautiful grandchildren, & how they so adoringly smile.

If I couldn't hear, I would miss the sweet voices of the birds, the melodic wind chimes that dance in the breeze, or the squeals of those same grandchildren when they show me their artwork, or the grades they received on a test, or the excitement of getting a surprise!

If I couldn't touch, or feel, I wouldn't be able to hold even a cup of tea, or drive a car.

If I couldn't smell I wouldn't be able to smell sweet lavender, or a pumpkin spice late as it steams in my cup.

If I couldn't taste, I wouldn't be able to taste the pumpkin in a late, or a pumpkin pie, or even a peanut, butter, & jelly sandwich when I'm feeling down.

So which sense would I, or could I do without? That's a really difficult question!

After thinking about it, & looking at the pros, & cons, the sense I would pick to do without would be the sense of smell!

But, if I could heighten one of the other four senses, that would be an entirely different difficult question. It might be the sense of hearing, & listening. Or if I could think outside the "box," I'd pick the Sense of Intuition!

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