Valentine Fever…


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Recently I talked about making Valentines for my grandkids, and how little time there is left to created them.  Well, I started a couple of weeks ago pressing out the clay, cutting out the heart shapes, and stamping into them.  It was so much fun creating each one differently.

My stash of stamps is numerous, and some of them spoke to me big time!  Things like XOXO, Friends One Of God’s Greatest Gifts, If The Shoe Fits Buy It, and several more.  I used paisley stamps, elephant shapes, and on and on.  When they were all baked and finished, It hit me!  Almost every heart shape would be perfect for a girlfriend, but not for my grandchildren!

Now What?

One might say, “It’s back to the drawing board!”  By golly, I think you’re right!  I can only take so much  clay, but it’s still fun to work with now and then, so it’s back to Michael’s for more clay.  I hate going in there because Michael’s always carries things that call to me, and I rarely come out of there with only what I went in for!  I really do try, but things just grab  me!  So on Wednesday, I dragged the pasta maker out once again for yet another go at the heart-shaped clay Valentines!

Somehow I was Having Trouble Getting Back Into The Hearts!

In Michael’s I  found  about six more stamps (on sale for 99c) appropriate for little ones.  The old standbys like, Be My Valentine, or Will You Be Mine!  That’s more like what I wanted to put on Valentines for a three, or a six-year-old.  The  girls are easier to make Valentines for, but the boys just have to get use to them also!  Boys will be getting Valentines for the rest of their lives!

Again – Now What?

Since there are all kinds of projects going on around our house, I’m going to pack up all the “Stuff,” and take it for an Art Day with the Fabulous Five this weekend!  Every month my girls and I get together to share, critique, and play with ideas.  Sometimes we get really into some project, and sometimes we sit and throw ideas around, discussing technique, or problems we’re having with some specific piece of art one of us is working on.  Whatever happens, we all come away from our day together feeling  full of creative energy, and more ideas than we could have even imagined!  All of us agree, that the single most important thing an artist can do for themselves is to share creative energy with other artists.  So yes, I have a great support system,  consisting of four other artists, each bringing something different to the table.  Not one of us creates the same way, but each of us is inspired by the other.  I couldn’t ask for more!

What did you create together?

Nothing!  We hadn’t seen each other in quite a while, so not one of us could stop talking long enough  so we could get some Valentines made.  And after I bought über amounts of clay to make them with!  The clay will go back to Michael’s just as soon as I’m finished.  All in all, we had a great time together with many ideas (not involving Valentines).

Once Again – Now What?

Now it’s back to the drawing board to finish the Valentines on my own.  I’m happy to report that after baking dozens of heart shapes, and stamping into them, I’m so finished!

With all the hearts completed, put together, wrapped, & addressed they are ready to go out the door.  The pictures above are of the four sets of Valentines that are finished!  I don’t want to see another Valentine until I get that box of See’s Candy from my husband in a few days!

 I’m so ready to get back to organizing the studio, and to painting. Mostly Painting…

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