The Magic of Experimentation!


Last night , as I was trying to figure out just how I wanted to  weave those pesky pods  I’ve been working on.       A  bright idea  popped into my mind , and I  started  playing  with the neutral burlap I purchased several days ago.  Wondering how the burlap  would take fabric dye, and what if I washed it after the dye was set?      I probably should have washed the burlap prior to dying it, but there’s more!  Carefully the  burlap was cut, placed  on cardboard in the garage,  a  stencil  was found,  and the  fabric dye in spray bottles was chosen.      My colors were coffee, butterscotch, and cranberry!      This was going to be fun, and my mind was reeling with possibilities!
As  the burlap lay flat with the stencil over it, and  newspapers blocking the edges,  the spraying began!      It was difficult to really see much of anything, but the colors were rich,  and there was nothing to lose.      Finally,   gently lifting the paper off the perimeter,  and the stencil off the fabric, this wonderful print of flowers surfaced,  and what remained were only thoughts of  fun and exciting possibilities this project holds!

Just what I needed — another project without paint and a canvas.      Loving   fabrics  ever since my Grandmother taught me to sew at  eleven years old, I frequently find myself  at  JoAnn’s or a quilt store looking for something special only to bring it home and put it in the drawer with other  fabric treasures.      My daughter Tracy,  always reminds me that this has  been my MO since as long as she can remember!  This time my   ideas are all over the place, and when  finished with these two fabric projects,  getting  back to my sketching and painting is much anticipated.      Admittedly, this is creative,  and I would encourage anyone to be creative in any way that makes them happy, but  this is what happens to someone who calls themselves a “Mixed Media Artist!”      We  all like to really mix it up , and we are all easily distracted by another project!

My thoughts for this piece of fabric go in the direction of a journal cover of some kind, and belonging  to a group of artists who donate time, and talents to creating one of a kind journals for caregivers, this sounds just about right. The Southern California Caregivers, collect small amounts of  information from a caregiver, and we all get busy like Santa’s little helpers, creating a one-of-a-kind treasure especially for this particular caregiver.   We don’t know who this person is, but we do know what colors they love, or what they their favorite flower is!     I love doing this, and it’s amazing how beautiful these journals are when finished,  given that several artists work on the same project without knowing what the other is creating!

As time goes on, and the journal grows into the beautiful cover it is meant to be, you will see just how beautiful they are.  I included a picture of a journal we are working on, I thought some of you might be interested in seeing an example.  Until then, this is what I have!

A Penny for Your Thoughts...

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