Inspiring Bloggers Award


I want to thank  Maria Brinkley for nominating me for The Very Inspiring Bloggers Award.  Who knew there was an award for being an inspiration to someone else, and could you even ask for anything better than to be that inspiration?  I feel really honored that Maria feels I  can inspire herself, and others.  Thank You Maria for your heartfelt nomination. In accordance with the Rules of this award, I’m going to share seven more facts with everyone…

  1. My studio is so small, I can’t even change my mind in it!
  2. My husband, and two sons are all musicians!
  3. I’m very Green…Enviromentley speaking that is!
  4. I pick through garage sales, and thrift stores for art projects!
  5. I spend more time “Fiddle-Farting,” than actually getting any creating accomplished!  (I might call it project planning)
  6. My son-in-law works tirelessly to keep my gardens in perfect condition so I’m happy!
  7. I would go to the ends of the earth for my Grandchildren!

Well, now you know some more of my deep dark secrets! Now to on to letting you know who the 15 Amazingly Awesome Bloggers are who I am nominating for the Very Inspiring Bloggers Award…

  1. Just a Piece of Afrika
  2. Just Be
  3. Nubian Waters
  4. So I Started This Blog
  5. Bring My Dreams
  6. Abstractive
  7. Thoughts By Mello-Elo
  8. Agrigirl
  9. Longislandpen
  10. Eclectic Odds n Sods
  11. Three Blond Sisters
  12. S is for Soulful
  13. Dragon Fly Gypsy USA
  14. My Life Experiences…
  15. From Sticks to the Bricks and Back

Thank you again Maria, and  I thank all fifteen of these bloggers for being an inspiration not just to me, but to many others as well.  I know there are so many more of you that are awesome!  Keep up the great work!  You are……

Very Inspiring Bloggers


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