Ho, Ho, Ho….


And I do mean Santa!

We have four grandchildren, and their ages range from 21 all the way down to 4.

I'm going to give them each a name for the purpose of telling this story.

Each year my husband Les, myself, my daughter Tracy, & her husband John , & the remaining family members work very hard at bringing to the grandkids, a magical Christmas! This is becoming more difficult with Tracy's kids being 7, and 9.

The oldest I'm naming "Brat," since she is totally self-absorbed, 21, soon to be 22. Anyone who has girls knows that at this age – all bets are off! She is smart, beautiful, self absorbed, looks much older (in a good way), and is most definitely a BRAT! I know things will change when she settles down, but we don't see her very often, only when we spring a Holiday visit on her.

The next is a grandson, who is also very smart, great looking, big for his age of 9, and still loves hugs from Grandma! This one we'll call Cyclone, because he never stops, he is just like his dad, & doesn't run out of energy, is always doing something (gratefully something constructive), & is difficult to keep up with.

Cyclone wrote a letter to Santa this year, & this in part is what he said…..

Dear Santa…

Some say you're real, some say you're not real. For me, I say you're real!

How have you been? I've been a good boy this year. I would like a Laptop computer for Christmas. I know they are expensive, so that's all I'm putting on my list.

I'm going to leave some of my Dad's famous cookies for you.

Your Friend, C

Now, we all thought that was a clever way to cover his tracks, since he is in fourth grade, & surely is playing both sides.

The third Granddaughter is 7, all girl, smart, likes school, considers herself an Artist, and a Princess! We'll call her Princess, because again anyone who has raised girls knows how girls are. They can be very much a Princess, picky, opinionated, demanding, & well you get the picture! Her list was three pages long and growing….. She also covered all bases, not about Santa, about anything, anyone might even consider to be a surprise in any stretch of the imagination! All the way from, socks to a Bunny, a real Bunny! Can you believe this kid?

We all get a chuckle with the Princess because like most women, she wants it all! Her list was so long, she asked me to write Santa for her….And mail it too. This wouldn't be so bad until I realized, I was doing all the work as she dictated her list to be!

The smallest Grandson is 4, and so far Whirlwind is appropriate for him. He also has a wicked amount of energy, is very smart, loves music, & musical instruments, and plays a couple with an uncanny ear for the notes. He is much easier to surprise, & since he is an only child, slightly easier to control at the moment. This little Whirlwind has had a list for six months, but he wants things like drums. Not the kids drums like a Grandparent thinks they can get away with, but real drums like his Dad would play if he were a drummer, which he isn't!

Yesterday, my daughter Tracy was in the kitchen, & her two children, The Cyclone, & The Princess were in there getting a snack when The Cyclone said to her,

"Mom, I'm thinking Santa is a woman!"

Tracy says, "Oh…why do you think that!"

I don't know, it just makes sense, Cyclone says.

When my daughter was telling me this, I was thinking, "This isn't a great time to tell your mother, you've changed tour opinion about Santa!"

Then…my Granddaughter "The Princess" pipes up with a voice that clearly is implying – you idiot – "Santa Clause is Grandma!"

Who knew it would be the Princess to Blow my Gig out of the water?

Kids never since to amaze me. They are my go to for computer problems, and much more. They help me plant my pots, keep my spa going though out the year, and give me unconditional love, just like the dog!

Merry Christmas, & Happy New Year from our home to yours!

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