Who judges our success?


We all know that we are successful if we are happy with what we are doing! Somehow most of us want to hold others to our standards, judge them, & think they are losers because they don't have the same drives, & goals we do. This is probably considered human nature! I personally work hard at not judging others, but admittedly it occasionally sneaks up on me, & I find myself doing exactly what I know I shouldn't be doing!

We all can't be rocket scientists, or world famous physicists! Everyone has their own wishes, & desires. Their own perfect job, or career! Some people love a job that is stress free, & they can go home at the end of their shift without a worry.

Some thrive on stress, & do really well on deadlines! Everyone has a purpose, but not necessarily the same purpose! Sometimes our objectives change as we mature, or age. I would call that growing!

If we love what we do, whether it's pulling weeds, picking up trash, or designing rocket ships that circle the earth, if we love what we do, we are successful!

I say, " What someone thinks of us, is none of our business!"

SEPTEMBER 12, 2013 5:00 AM EDT, picking up trash, or designing rocket ships, if you love it, you are successful.

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