The Intrigue of being a Stranger in a strange land!


EVERYTHING! I just love exploring new places, traveling to countries I've not been before, or even returning to places I really find a connection with. Maybe I'm a dreamer, maybe a romantic, maybe an adventurer, or maybe just crazy, but the magic of seeing a different culture, or experiencing new foods really energizes me. It fills me with ideas for my artwork, the way I look at others, & I become even more excepting of our differences!

The cadence of an unfamiliar language intrigues me, makes me curious, & makes me want to experience more! Places I've never wanted to go in my entire life, are now on my bucket list!

My husband, & I have traveled with friends who were just as excited as myself, & we both found it fun to share with our friends. Once we toured Europe with two of our friends, and there wasn't a moments down time. We all did different things, & we all came back at the end of the day with stories to share. We've cruised with friends, going on vacations far, & near, & I always find it more than just a little fun. I have so many memories, and stories to share from all my travels!

Their have been times when some of us wanted to do one thing, while a couple of the others wanted something else, we split up into groups, & everyone was happy. Some of us have more energy, or are not as curious as the others, they get to stay back, sit in cafes, people watch. It's all good, everyone is happy, & at the end of the day, we all have stories.

I love new lands, with their different ways of dressing, eating, decorating, & sharing their kindness. Never have I experienced strangers in strange countries, or places being less than gracious, & more than willing to help. Once in England as we stood in the train station trying to figure out what train to take to get to our destination, a woman stopped, & asked if we needed help finding the right train. Of course, we did, & were grateful she took pity on us, & helped. We had a great day exploring that day, & on our return to the same station, once again standing there in utter confusion, who should stop to help us, but that same lady on her way home. At that point, she looked like an angel to all of us, & we were so grateful for her presence.

Do I like to go to new places?


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