My childhood nightmares!


When I was a child my nightmares were always the same. I was in bed, & a large light blue blanket was coming at me, trapping me in a corner, trying to suffocate me! I always awoke terrified, with this ongoing nightmare!

Was I actually remembering something that was really happening to me?

Now looking back, with years of experience & education, the meaning of these nightmares are obvious! My suffocation was real, but in a different way.

My parents although loving, caring parents, were extremely controlling, I was being suffocated not physically, but emotionally! We were not allowed to do anything without permission, or supervision! Everything had to be explained, we weren't allowed to sit & look out a window on a rainy day for even five minutes.

Looking back, they must have been terrified to make a mistake, or have anything go wrong! Both were only children, no siblings, no aunts, or uncles, & zero reference as how kids grow up healthy, happy, & independent. Mom used the books of Dr Spock as reference books. Maybe I should find one, & read what he had to say!

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