My obsessions


Let me first say, my parents were both "Perfectionists!" So, i was a perfectionist too, & pretty much obsessed over just about everything.

Now I consider myself a "Recovering Perfectionist!" But I still obsess over a couple things, & they rear their ugly heads when I lease expect them.

I'm obsessed with how the towels are folded, & stacked in the linen closet; I'm obsessed with people taking turns at a four way stop sign; I'm obsessed with turning lights out when you leave a room; I'm obsessed with the way the TP rolls in the bathroom (it must roll backwards); I'm obsessed with parking the car straight in a parking place. I have reasons for why I'm obsessed over these things, & they are logical – to me!

OK, maybe there are more than a couple, but you should have known me when I was a perfectionist! I can bet your life would have been Hell!

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