Life Is Good!

This is a Lucinda painting, and doesn't it look fabulous on the freshly painted wall in the hall?

This painting is by Artist, Lucinda.  Doesn’t it look fabulous on the freshly painted wall in the hall?

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I know I said I would create, or sketch each day, even post five days a week. The truth is, I’m still getting over the holidays, the grandkids, and a few changes we are making to the house! The real truth is, a lot of fixing needs to be done on the house before I feel good about the house! You know how there is so much that needs to be done, all you can do is look at it in disgust? Well, there is a lot that needs to be done, and I’m looking at it in disgust! Drawers are coming off the track, walls, and baseboards need to be painted or touched up. I could go on and on, but you get the idea!

Do I have the best son-in-law or what?

Those things are getting taken care of, and I’m pleased that the list is getting shorter. There are  oh so many more things to do. Our home is thirty plus years old, and needless to say, there are always projects on the list!  Last Monday my son-in-law John, came over and painted my living room wall!  It looks so much better, warms up the room, and I’m now a happy momma! While the walls were  painted, the slate baseboards are popping off in places – another needed project to do!   Isn’t it the little things that get you?  They aren’t all popping off, just in a few places.

Reading And Learning Are Good!

I’m still reading and learning about WordPress – it’s a constant work in progress!  They make changes all the time, and post helpful blogs explaining the how tos.   I would have to do nothing else but blog if I want to be really “In the know!” That’s never going to happen, there are other things that are important to me like creating, family, the house, you know “life!”  So while my blog is important to me, so are my art friends, my family, getting enough rest so I can rev the old engine up every day.  Each day I post, I said I was going to try to put a sketch with it, but I’m also going to try to create larger, not the quick and easy things I’ve been doing in the past. Those larger paintings probably won’t be seen until they are finished, and that means the daily sketches might not happen.   That’s just how I roll!

Creative Energy

Since the planning of last years holidays, there hasn’t been much creating going on here, so I’m in desperate need of some days with my artist friends for some much-needed creative energy sharing!  This needs to happen in the very near future just to crank up my engine once again!

Speaking of creative energy, my wonderful son-in-law, John while giving me a big hug, said on the way out the door after painting on Monday, “I’ll be back!”  Do you realize how much that does for my mental health?  I’m very sure it will give me a much-needed boost when I look around and see my beautiful walls, and know John will help get things back to where they should be!

John is every mother-in-laws dream, Life is good!

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