Thoughts from a Silent Sketcher!


Today was a kind of relaxing day at  the salon. Finally I was able to get my hair done, & go to lunch. Once a month I do this, & by the time it’s time to go, well, it really is time to go!

While I was there I thought I’d make the most of all the sitting, & sketch. It worked out perfectly because I had to sit for a long time. The day was not lost, there are many things to sketch – and sketch I did!  Chairs, blow dryers, electrical sockets, &cords.

Now I have to apologize for my incompetence as I get use to this blog.  I’m doing this on my iPad, & I’m unable to figure out how to upload my drawing. I posted it on FaceBook, but I wanted it to be here also.


About Karen's Stone Soup

Welcome to Stone Soup with Karen Samenow. I named my blog Stone Soup because it's a little of everything. You may find art or music, or inspiration. I'm an artist, a spiritual medium, and I'm always learning more and exploring. I hope you find us interesting.

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