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Our Daisy dog

Cats, dogs, flowers, houses, trees,  what does one tackle next as a creative endeavor? We all want to do something different, but we’re probably subconsciously attracted to the thing that works the best.  On the other hand, don’t we like the challenge?  I do.

Even if it doesn’t turn out perfect, and we all know perfect is not probable!   I don’t even like perfection,  that is for cameras, not artists!  I uploaded a sketch of Daisy, our dog to  work on, and with a little effort it could be just a little wonky.  I love wonky, it makes me happy and creative.  It takes me to a place I was never allowed to go as a child.  So the wonkier the better…

There are other subjects I could paint, but while I’m finishing up the painting of my purse……

I’ll form a plan for Daisy.

The purse, well…after painting two, I’m getting over it.  Purses no longer intrigue me, and I’ll be lucky to finish this.  The cat has given me more trouble than I could imagine, as cats tend to do.   Whiskers…no whiskers?  Stripes, or no stripes?  Polka dots, or not?   Whatever I do seems to not be the way I had imagined it to look, consequently the cat has more layers of paint than my kitchen.    It’s all good, and it’s all in the name of experimentation.

The end result of the purse is yet to come, so  for good or bad, it will be finished!

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  1. i chuckled with this one.. yes, we like a good challenge, experiment with it, and for me i say, ‘ok. that was fun, but if i had to do hundreds of those, it would get old really fast..’

    i’m going to go backwards to the first one before i move forward to see the end result!


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