Beginning our Journey…1 of

Elite District

Elite District

This story is the beginning of our vacation to Sweden, and the Baltic Sea…

It’s 1:23 in the afternoon…

We are now on the plane, & squeezed in like sardines. I’m comfortable, and  compact as I stifle my phobia of small, tight spaces!

Looking around at all the different people, with different dialects, & different ways of dressing, I’m fascinated by how they control their children, & how they interact with others.


Flying out of LAX International is so much more interesting than the smaller airports. I love watching people anyway, but people from a different country, with different languages is most interesting!
Everyone is scurrying around working at finding their seats, and stowing away all the carry-ons.

As the plane is beginning to ready for take off, announcements are made along with instructions for crash landings  in several different languages.  (Yippi)

We find ourselves in a 747 double-decker.. Certainly all the 1st class seats must be upstairs!  For as large a plane as this is, one would think there would be slightly more room for each passenger.


Earlier, prior to boarding we noticed the crew coming down the middle of the airport heading for our plane, dragging their luggage behind – there had to have been at least two dozen crew members. It was quite impressive seeing them prance, and strut as if they were on a runway, and this being  a competition! Walking straight, & tall – never making eye contact with anyone, and all had their best faces on. Clearly it would have been a difficult pick amongst the beautiful people!

With the passengers  settled, and  seatbelts on,  we have taken off, our plane is  now cruising at a comfortable  altitude, and  only 9100+ miles to Amsterdam. Only a hop away!


The man next to me tells me he is a musician, and  is traveling with his loyal companion, his cello. He clearly doesn’t like flying, because while I ordered an apple juice, he started the flight with a double vodka!

to be continued…….

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