Day of the Dead!



A few years ago I decided to have a fall party.  Not wanting to be like everyone else, I decided to make the theme “Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead!”   But being a white girl, and having many friends who didn’t understand this theme, only my “Artsie Fartsie” friends showed up.  They really get me!





I did this for a few years, and still, only my “Artsie Fartsie” friends showed up, with few exceptions.


So today I’m going to post some of the skulls I created for these parties.


They were fun to do, and though time-consuming, it felt really good to complete some dozen or more skulls.


I think we had four large, and ten or twelve small skulls……..


All decorated differently.



I hoped you had fun seeing a different kind of artwork, and  that it will give you some inspiration to create something outside the box.

Note:  Outside the box probably depends on where you live, and what you already create!

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    • Thank you so much, I’m glad you like them. It took me long hours to complete all of them, & at the very last I had a girlfriend come over to help with the last few. It was fun though, & I never want to see another skull again as long as I live! Just kidding, but I am over it!


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