Day 13: The Serial “Number” Finds Her Voice


IMG_3131My name is Taylor, and today I found my voice!

I’m curvy, and beautiful, sleek, and shiny, and I found my voice today!  I’m brown-skinned with a beautiful long neck, and my voice is back.  I love the way I sound, and others love me too.  You see I was born in the month of November on the seventeenth day, in 1998.  I was the eleventh of my kind to be born, and the most beautiful and intelligent of all my sisters and brothers.  We were all smart and beautiful, but of course  I am the smartest, and most beautiful!   I know this because my person told me so, and all his people said so  too!

El Cajon, California…. 

I was born on a beautifully warm day, about 86 degrees, with clear blue skies, a slight breeze,  not a drop of rain in sight, and you could see fifteen miles in all directions.  That’s a good thing because on that day, I needed to dry out after being created.  My person told me all this when I got old enough to remember  this interesting stuff!

I’ll bet you’re wondering who the heck I am?

My sound is mellow, and I sometimes will bring tears of joy to your eyes!  I’m an acoustic guitar,  a pretty sweet one if I do say so myself, and pretty soon I’ll be having my sixteenth birthday. (I’ve been told that you shouldn’t get kissed before your sixteenth birthday, but everyone kisses me all the time.  he he)   My person just brought me home from the guitar fixing man, where  my frets were replaced, I was given new strings, a few other things that I needed, and now I’m sounding more beautiful that ever.   My person loves me so much, that  I hold a special place in his heart, and the hearts of all his family.

Today I found my voice!



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